Petition to Make Ivermectin Widely Available for COVID-19 Treatment in Canada Now Open for Signatures

Petition to Make Ivermectin Widely Available for COVID-19 Treatment in Canada Now Open for Signatures

A new petition supporting the recognition and availability of Ivermectin for prophylaxis and early outpatient treatment of COVID-19 has officially launched for signatures from the Canadian public.

The first priority of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance is to promote the prevention and early treatment of COVID-19. The success of this petition will demonstrate to the Canadian Government the widespread support among citizens and medical practitioners across the country for this safe and inexpensive medicine, which has been used with tremendous success to treat thousands of COVID-19 patients across the world.

We encourage all of our readers and members to visit the petition on the House of Commons website, review the petition details and consider adding your signature to signal your support. Signatures can be added until December 25, 2021.

We, the undersigned, physicians, scientists, and other concerned residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to urgently examine the evidence in favour of ivermectin and consider making ivermectin available immediately to Canadians as a schedule II medication, obtained directly from a pharmacist.

Excerpt from Petition e-3588, brought by Kanji Nakatsu with support from Niagara West MP Dean Allison
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