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Urgent Letter to Doug Ford: COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not Safe for Children and Youth

A letter was sent to Ontario Premier Doug Ford by a group of CCCA members alongside a larger group of academics and health professionals as a warning against the mass delivery of still-experimental COVID-19 injections recommended by the Science Table Advisory COVID-19 for Ontario in their recent report “Behavioural Science-Informed Strategies for Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Children and Youth”. 

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Dr. Rochagné Kilian on the Shaun Newman Podcast

Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Rochagné Kilian appeared as a guest on the Shaun Newman Podcast. Listen as they discuss saving lives in the ER and beyond, and celebrate the overwhelming community support Dr. Kilian has received for her bravery in advocating for patient safety and informed consent.

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Response: COVID-19 vaccine mandates for Ontario’s hospital workers

Open letter to Premier Doug Ford providing scientific evidence supporting the right of health care workers to make an informed decision about their own health. Written and signed by several prominent Canadian scientists and doctors, refuting a recent publication by the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table released on October 19, 2021.

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