Canada’s Response to COVID-19 Has Failed

Canada’s Response to COVID-19 Has Failed

The Canadian response to COVID-19 has been confusing, contradictory, heavy-handed and ultimately, ineffective at ending this pandemic. What started off as “14 days to flatten to curve,” has turned into two years of endless lockdowns and moving goalposts. But is there an alternative? The CCCA’s Deanna McLeod sits down to talk about this with True North’s Candice Malcolm.

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Members of the CCCA have written an article expressing their concerns regarding the recent published study evaluating the safety of COVID-19 genetic vaccination during pregnancy.


Antes de permitir que a su niño le administren la vacuna genética del COVID, deténgase a pensar, e investigue por su cuenta. Su niño merece que no se lo exponga a un riesgo innecesario e inaceptable, dado el dudoso beneficio de estas inyecciones.