A Moratorium on mRNA ‘Vaccines’ is Needed- Dr. Byram Bridle

A Moratorium on mRNA ‘Vaccines’ is Needed- Dr. Byram Bridle

Illustration to highlight why the percentage of the total dose should not be used as a distraction from the concentration of the drug (Bridle, 2022, COVID Chronicles)

“Do you remember when public health and government officials assured everyone that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ function like traditional vaccine technologies? …meaning that they largely remain in the shoulder muscle where they are injected, with some portion going to the draining lymph nodes where an immune response is initiated.”… Now take a closer look at Pfizer’s full report of the biodistribution study with the expert guidance of vaccinologist, Dr. Bridle.

Read this sufficiently long and thorough article that makes important scientific information accessible to the general public.

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