CCCA Podcast Ep. 2: Unjustified War on BC’s Health Workers

CCCA Podcast Ep. 2: Unjustified War on BC’s Health Workers

While the COVID-19 crisis has officially been declared over, British Columbia’s healthcare workers continue to be subject to ever-stricter pandemic restrictions. In this episode, co-host Gudrun Welder presents an article titled “There’s No Justification for BC’s Continued War on Unvaccinated Health Workers” written by Gail Davidson, Dr. Steven Pelech and Dr. Matthew Evans-Cockle.

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Gail Davidson is a retired lawyer and legal activist promoting understanding of, and compliance with, international human rights and humanitarian law.

Dr. Steven Pelech is a professor of neurology in the UBC Department of Medicine, principal founder of Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation, and one of the founding scientists of the UBC Biomedical Research Centre. He is Co-Chair of the CCCA’s Science and Medical Advisory Committee.

Dr. Matthew Evans-Cockle is a scholar and teacher of Classical, Biblical, Renaissance, and Modernist literature. He is a skilled researcher and member of the CCCA Podcast team.

This episode of the CCCA Podcast was narrated by Gudrun Welder, a naturopathic doctor and member of the CCCA’s External Communications Committee. Gudrun co-produces the CCCA Podcast alongside Liam Sturgess and Matthew Evans-Cockle.



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