Why our membership list is not public information.

Why our membership list is not public information.

Why won’t the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) publish a list of its members and their professional credentials?

We appreciate that inquiring minds would like to see that there are people with real expertise behind the information on CCCA’s website. However–

We regret that the state of affairs, censorship of free speech, and rampant tyranny and coercion is such now in Canada that CCCA must protect the identity of its scientific, MD, academic and other health care professional (HCP) members. This serves to shield them from career-impacting reactions by their universities, professional colleges and healthcare system employers. Sadly, some of our MDs have had their medical licenses to practice suspended or restricted because they are not on board with the mainstream narrative. Likewise, some of our university professors have had their contracts terminated. These are dark times, and while we appreciate that some people want to know identities, frankly it would be hazardous to the careers of many of our members for us to reveal them.

While there are publicly identified directors of CCCA, it should be apparent from the quantity and quality of the work published on our website that our scientists, HCPs, ethicists, lawyers and other professionals in CCCA have broad and deep scientific, medical, and professional expertise. A representative listing of a number of these credentials of our more than 500 scientists, medical doctors and health care and other professional members are listed on our website. If people are willing to think critically, they will appreciate the quality of our work; if they are not, no amount of personal disclosures will convince them in this cancel culture era.



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