The past, present and future of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

The past, present and future of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

There are a growing number of recent media stories warning us about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). This is the new terminology for a common respiratory virus of which we are all very familiar. Its symptoms for most people is like a common cold.  

IN THE PAST, this virus has been known to infect about 97% of children before the end of their second year of life, with a lethality rate of less than 1 in 2500 for children under 5 years, and usually in those with other complications. It has probably been around since the beginning of mankind. So, why the recent concern?

IN THE PRESENT, here is just one example of many ominous headlines which are warning readers, watchers and listeners of main stream media about the threat of RSV.

Global News – Oct 27,2022 – What is RSV? Here’s what to know about the virus as cases surge in Canada.

When you read past the scary headline, it does point out that in 2019, (pre-COVID-19) there were almost 19,000 cases reported in Canada. From August, 2020 till May, 2021, there were just 239. That’s about a 98.5% decrease! Did this virus take a holiday, did authorities miscount, were lockdowns and masking that effective or were the cases reclassified as something else, such as COVID-19? This year, according to the article, cases have ‘surged’ to 486. Very scary, indeed. This is obviously a fearsome increase of over 100% compared to last year but it barely deserves a yawn when compared to pre-COVID-19 in 2019, a mere 2.5% of the previous count. Clearly, sensationalism sells newspapers.

Other current sensational news is announcing the development of vaccines for RSV. Here is a quote from Wikipedia.

As of October 10, 2022, at least four companies are testing candidate RSV vaccines based on stabilized prefusion F proteins in older adults in Phase 3 trials: GSK, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna.” However, past attempts at RSV vaccines have been uniformly unsuccessful, as they were thwarted by safety concerns.

These pharmaceutical company names should be very familiar to us all after the last 2 years of COVID-19. Has this RSV level of disease hype happened in the past? Here is a quote from Melody Petersen’s book, Our Daily Meds , page 138/9 as a past example of profitable disease promotion which may be repeating itself today with the respiratory virus.

“In marketing brochures and press releases, Glaxo marketers began referring to heartburn as the more worrisome-sounding gastroesophageal reflux disorder, which they reduced simply to GERD….. the promotional plan worked so well that Zantac was soon minting money for Glaxo. In 1986, Zantac passed Tagamet to become the biggest-selling drug on earth…The industry learned that Americans would pay almost anything for a new pharmaceutical product, even if it wasn’t really new.”

While this past example was stellar marketing and appalling science, the present is eminently worse. This time round, it is not just the drug companies but our governments are involved in the scandal through financing the vaccination development, marketing and distribution programs through advertising, mandates, coercion, granting freedom from liability to vaccine manufacturers and hiding data to enhance the spin of promotion and minimize informed consent. Zantac did not even come close to this level of government endorsement.

While the present is worse than the past, WHAT IS THE POTENTIAL FOR THE FUTURE? Can it get any worse? The answer is yes, it could, but it doesn’t have to, based on the choices we make today. Let’s use Moderna’s actual data submitted to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization of their COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in children to demonstrate how bad it could get relative to RSV. Here is the link to their submission and a direct quote from each of the three age levels-

Age 6-23 months, Page 161

Within 28 days after vaccination, some respiratory tract-related infections were reported with greater frequency in the mRNA-1273 group compared to the placebo group, including croup, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and pneumonia. Events of croup were reported by 1.3% of mRNA-1273 recipients and 0.3% of placebo recipients, RSV by 0.8% of mRNA-1273 recipients and 0.5% of placebo recipients, and pneumonia by 0.2% of mRNA-1273 recipients and no placebo recipients.”

Age 2-5 years, Page 126

“Within 28 days after vaccination, some respiratory tract-related infections were reported with greater frequency in the mRNA-1273 group than in the placebo group. Events of pneumonia were reported by 0.3% and 0% of mRNA-1273 and placebo recipients, respectively. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection was reported by 0.4% and <0.1% of mRNA-1273 and placebo recipients, respectively.”

Age 6-11 years, Page 81

“Within 28 days after vaccination, some respiratory tract infection-related PTs were reported more frequently in the vaccine group compared to the placebo group, such as Respiratory syncytial virus infection (0.3% vs 0%) and Upper respiratory tract infection (3.9% vs 2.5%). An analysis including all respiratory-tract infection related PTs, except COVID-19, showed a small imbalance of 5.9% in the vaccine group compared to 4.4% in the placebo group.”

Moderna is revealing to the FDA that at all three age levels, vaccinated children are worse off than unvaccinated ones relative to catching a respiratory infection like SARS-CoV-2, but with the RSV. In short, the COVID-19 vaccine inoculations in children can make them more susceptible to RSV, but new vaccines are now under development to save us.

The future depends on choices that we make today. Vaccinating our children means Big Pharma will profit from getting our future generation sicker through COVID-19 genetic vaccine injections and then again from selling us a cure for the increased incidence of the resulting surge in RSV. Trust in governments and Public Health agencies is rapidly eroding. The other option is to bolster our children’s immune systems through diet including hydration, exercise, healthy hygiene habits including nasal washes, early treatment including vitamin supplements if necessary and stay home if they are sick. Natural immunity has worked for thousands of years. Chances are that it will continue if we don’t interfere.

Our children’s future will be determined by the choices that you make today.



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