Stop the Shots in Kids

Stop the Shots in Kids

 This 15-minute video is prepared by the medical experts at the CCCA, which includes pediatricians, immunologists, and vaccinologists. It summarizes the evidence in everyday language to help parents make an informed choice on whether or not to give their children a COVID-19 genetic vaccine.

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Deanna Deanna McLeod’s interview on Open Mike. It focuses  on the topic of conflicts of interests surrounding the COVID-19 injections.

Deanna McLeod reviews the quality of the evidence used by the CDC to support vaccine confidence in the general public. 

Deanna McLeod breaks down the five fatal flaws in the study used by regulatory agencies to approve the use of the Omicron boosters for Canadians.

This video is a collaborative project by a number of concerned organizations. It provides information to help parents make informed choices about the COVID-19 genetic vaccines.


In their interview with Trish Wood, Dr. Eric Payne, a paediatric neurologist with a masters in public health, and Deanna McLeod, a clinical trial data expert, make the case to “stop the shots” –  especially for children. 




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