Nuvaxovid, The Pros and Cons

Nuvaxovid, The Pros and Cons

Nuvaxovid is the brand name for the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved by Health Canada. It is manufactured by Novavax, which is an American company based in Maryland. According to the Toronto Star (Oct. 20, 2021), the Canadian government has invested $170 million in a Montreal facility to manufacture Nuvaxovid and purchased 52 million doses with an option for more.

Nuvaxovid is not an mRNA vaccine like Pfizer and Moderna’s versions. An important distinction from the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 genetic vaccines is that this vaccine actually features SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that is manufactured in a lab rather than the genetic instructions for the recipient’s own body cells to produce the spike protein. This is an important difference, because a known amount of the synthetic spike protein is injected with each dose. In contrast, the mRNA vaccines stimulate the body to produce an undetermined amount of spike protein for an undetermined amount of time. Thus, Nuvaxovid works in a similar way to traditional vaccines that create immunity to a predetermined dose of a protein (antigen) from an attenuated or dead version  virus. They are different in that the antigen is already present in a lipid nanoparticle (LNP). Each LNP shows multiple spike proteins along with other proteins from the cells used to produce the vaccine preparation


It seems, however, that myopericarditis (inflammation of and around the heart) is still a risk factor with Nuvaxovid as it is with the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 genetic vaccines. A recent article showed this increased risk, and its authors recommended a precautionary approach to using this vaccine.  Here is a link to the research:

The study also showed that the risk of myopericarditis was greater in males than females. Informed consent means that you are educated about these risks before rolling up your sleeve. Possibly this article will give you some pause, especially if you are a young man.

Furthermore, CBC has reported recently on the financial problems that Novavax is having.

Despite the early excitement of Canadian partnerships with this vaccine manufacturer, Novovax Inc.’s future looks bleak. The company is facing financial uncertainties and has stated that the company may not have enough cash to stay in business. In fact, despite our taxpayer investments, the Montreal plant has yet to produce any Novovax COVID-19 vaccines, although they will continue to work with the federal government with hopes of producing their product for sale. In the end, their financial profile rather than their safety profile may be what stops the sale of these products.

Should this news be part of your informed consent? You decide.



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