Florida’s Surgeon General challenges the FDA and CDC.

Florida’s Surgeon General challenges the FDA and CDC.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo is the Surgeon General of Florida. In Canada, we would refer to this level of Public Health official as a province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health or ‘Top Doc.’ Dr. Ladapo has recently challenged Dr. Robert Califf, the Head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the recently resigned Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), to be honest with the public about a few important issues:

  • the effectiveness of COVID-19 genetic vaccinations                      
  • the effectiveness of natural immunity
  • the significant level of adverse events being reported, following  COVID-19 genetic vaccination.

Here is the link to the State of Florida’s website with the letter including the 12 points Dr. Ladapo      wants explained, reported on or disclosed.


If you do not have time the read Dr. Ladapo’s full letter, here are a few quotes—

“Your ongoing decision to ignore many of the risks associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, alongside your efforts to manipulate the public into thinking they are harmless, have resulted in deep distrust in the American healthcare system.”

“It is critical to acknowledge and address the negative global impact caused by the emergence of COVID-19. Nonetheless, after two years, your collective decisions to deny that natural immunity confers comparable or superior protection to COVID-19 vaccination, push mRNA COVID-19 boosters for the young and healthy, and delay acknowledging the risks of vaccine induced myocarditis have only sowed doubt between the American people and the public health community.”

“Data are unequivocal: After the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) reporting increased by 1,700%, including a 4,400% increase in life-threatening conditions. We are not the first to observe such a trend. Dismissing this pronounced increase as being solely due to reporting trends is a callous denial of corroborating scientific evidence also pointing to increased risk and a poor safety profile.”

“Your organizations are the main entities promoting vaccine hesitancy – Florida promotes the truth. It is our duty to provide all information within our power to individuals so they can make their own informed health care decisions. A lack of transparency only harms Americans’ faith in science.”

                     Dr. Ladapo is not alone in asking these questions. Many Canadians are also questioning the decisions made by our ‘experts’ over the last couple years. Trust in our public health system and the health of our citizens may be at risk by not being fully transparent with this information.



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