COVID-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Guide

COVID-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Guide

Scientific and medical research continues to show that COVID-19 is a preventable and treatable illness. It was on this foundation that the Canadian Covid Care Alliance was created, with the goal of helping Canadians access preventative and early outpatient treatment for COVID-19 so they would not get sick enough to need hospitalization. For this reason we are pleased to announce that our COVID-19 Prevention and Early Treatment Guide is here. It gives an explanation of the phases of infection with the virus that causes COVID-19 and some of the options known to prevent and treat illness throughout these phases. It also features some tools you may incorporate into your daily routine to help optimize your immune health.

This guide is a resource to inform you of options which may apply to you and your family. This guide is not medical advice or a prescription for treatment. Share the information in this guide with your preferred healthcare provider(s) so you may develop a treatment plan that is specific to your personal health needs and situation. Do not start any new medical treatments without medical supervision.

Anyone can become ill with COVID-19. Please share this guide with your family and friends so they too may have the tools to reduce their risk of becoming sick.



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