Can I get compensation for an adverse event following a Covid shot?

Can I get compensation for an adverse event following a Covid shot?

Theoretically, yes. In all likelihood, no.

Unlike typical drug manufacturing, where the manufacturer is held financially accountable for damages, so-called vaccines are exempt. The pharmaceutical manufacturer cannot be held liable for any injuries that the injection may cause you. It is the federal government that steps up and takes financial responsibility for injuries following inoculation.

While this appears comforting to know that the government has you covered, what you see may not be what you get. Read the CTV News link which reveals some details.

It reports that out of 28,825 reported adverse events by Canadians since June, of which 6,581 were considered serious, the government has paid out on 5 of 400 claims that have been filed. IN SHORT, YOU ARE PROBABLY ON YOUR OWN WHEN IT COMES TO LIABILITY! Did the government or Public Health tell you this as part of your informed consent?

You may also want to search our CCCA site for ways to get adverse event reports and how to file a report. It will reveal that the numbers of adverse events in Canada cited in the previous paragraph may be drastically under reported. The 5 pay outs noted above are probably accurate.



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