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The pandemic has been a challenge for each one of us in many ways, not the least of which revolves around the question: what behaviour is expected of individuals, as part of a collective, when facing a crisis?

Reflecting upon our actions with respect to their impact on others is the essence of ethics, and is an absolute necessity if we hope to live in a civilized society. How well has this been done during the pandemic? Have we focused sufficiently on the ethics of our various policies, recommendations or mandates? What can we learn about ourselves and our values going forward?

Our series ‘Healing the Heart of Medicine: Trusting Our Moral Compass’ attempts to explore those questions, because the process of doing so, and the insights gained, have far-reaching implications for each of us individually, and for our society as a whole, both now and in the years ahead. Thank you for joining us!


The CCCA Ethics and Law Committee

Ethics Lens Articles

Ethics Lens – Article #2 Medical Mandates

In the event of a medical crisis affecting the health of the population at large, can our moral compass help us to answer this question: To what degree can a government supersede individual human rights, like bodily autonomy, and mandate an individual to accept an intervention to improve the health of that individual or their society?

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What's New in Ethics and Legal

Fundamental Flaws

Drs Philip Oldfield and Maria Gutschi have written an analysis of Pfizer’s COVID-19 licence application submission. Many flaws and omissions have been identified with the application and review process which raise concerns about the product’s safety and effectiveness.

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The Vaxxed and Vexed

An unjustified and harmful division has been created in society due to the policies implemented by public health and the government. In her document, Ms Nicole Smith provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges facing society and the importance of balanced information and scientific debate to bridge the divide.

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Real Time Ethics: Pregnancy

Members of the CCCA have written an article expressing their concerns regarding the recent published study evaluating the safety of COVID-19 genetic vaccination during pregnancy.

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