What was the data to support the Federal Government’s January/22 change in quarantine mandates at the Canadian border?

What was the data to support the Federal Government’s January/22 change in quarantine mandates at the Canadian border?

This is a most important question. The internationally known Freedom Convoy, led by the Canadian truckers, was sparked by a federal government mandate on January 15th, 2022. The change in classification required ‘not COVID doubly vaccinated’ Canadian truckers to quarantine for 2 weeks upon re-entry to Canada while fully vaccinated truckers would continue to be recognized as essential workers with no such requirement. In short, the non-vaccinated and partially vaccinated truckers were to be re-classified from essential to non-essential and coerced into getting doubly vaccinated to preserve their freedom of border crossing and to earn a living.

It is now clear that both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can both catch and transmit the virus, and if they have COVID-19, this is with an equivalent viral load. Prime Minister Trudeau has demonstrated this for us all when, despite being doubly vaccinated and further boosted, he contracted COVID-19 during the Trucker’s Convoy arriving in Ottawa.

February 14th, the day the Trudeau government declared the Emergencies Act in Canada in response to the Freedom Convoy’s success, Ontario Public Health provided  the following revealing ‘all ages’ data, which supports the Freedom Convoy protests.


The ’Total COVID-19 case” rates are given below for up to February 14th, 2022 during the period of the previous 30 days per 100,000 population so a per capita comparison can be made between groups, bearing in mind that about 81% and 4% of Canadians were already partially or fully vaccinated, respectively, in Ontario.

Unvaccinated rate —            17.35 cases per 100,000 population 

Partially vaccinated rate –    14.67 cases per 100,000 population

Fully vaccinated rate —        15.22 cases per 100,000 population

There does not appear to be any significant evidence to support the claim that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is due to any one group. Vaccinated, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated are all getting infected at about the same rate; thus, unlike governments, Omicron does not discriminate.

The trucker convoy was established not only to protest government mandates on their specific livelihood, but also those policies that negatively affect all Canadians. Protestors understand there is no scientific basis for the mandates and they are defending the rights of all Canadians to informed consent and bodily autonomy as well as the opportunity to learn from scientific debate.

Updating the same rates till April/22 shows a concerning trend with respect to booster shots

Unvaccinated rate —                                12.76 cases per 100,000 population

Fully Vaccinated (two doses)  —             12.35 cases per 100,000 population

Fully vaccinated plus a booster shot  — 25.37 cases per 100,000 population

Simply put, you are twice as likely to get COVID if you have had a booster shot as opposed to never vaccinated or doubly vaccinated.



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