Should I report and adverse event following my vaccination and how to do it?

Should I report and adverse event following my vaccination and how to do it?

A SARS-Cov-2 vaccination of any brand has risks that are recognized as adverse events (AE). These are any new or worsening medical symptoms, disease or laboratory findings that occurs after receiving a vaccination. AE’s are monitored in Canada by the Adverse Events Following Immunization system (AEFI), which is run by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Prior to vaccination, everyone is supposed to be presented with a list of all the risks so they can get vaccinated on an ‘informed consent’ basis. This AEFI report should help people recognize any symptoms which may be associated with their injection.

All symptoms following an injection should be reported. Some common adverse events at the vaccination site are pain, swelling, itchiness, redness, numbness and warmth. General events can include headache, fatigue, laboured breathing, chest and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, throat tightness, chills and diarrhea. Other more serious adverse events such as blood clotting with low platelet levels are usually associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, but others can cause it as well. Heart inflammation, both of the heart muscle (myocarditis) and the lining around the heart (pericarditis) are usually associated with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Guillain-Barre Syndrome is muscle weakness caused by breakdown of the nerves to the muscles. Of course, death is a very serious adverse event! There were 167 deaths reported in Canada as of July 30/2021.

A more complete report can be found at this link:

If you do experience an adverse event, your symptoms should be documented in a vaccine adverse reaction database. This will help everyone better understand the ramifications of getting vaccinated. Ask your doctor to report to the Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) reporting system.

You may also report to the AEFI database by writing a letter describing your symptoms and sending it to your provincial public health office.

We also recommend you report to the database Vaxxtracker. Here is the link-  

This is a worldwide site that is very user friendly. 80% of it is taken from the U.S. VAERS database. As an example, it reports 12,447 deaths due to SARS CoV-2 vaccination as of the middle of August/2021.

It should be noted that the Canadian government is underwriting injury compensation as the vaccine manufacturer cannot be held liable for adverse events. One of the eligibility requirements for compensation is an AEFI report from your doctor.

As of Spring, 2022, the Canadian Adverse Events Reporting System (CAERS) has emerged as a user friendly system that may soon offer some treatment options for those who want it. See the FAQ on “Discussing Vaccine Injuries”. Here is the link to CAERS.



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