Should I get a booster shot for COVID-19?

Should I get a booster shot for COVID-19?

This is a very timely question with the growing pressure from governments around the world to get the next jab. How will you feel if you are a doubly-vaccinated person who is about to join the unvaccinated category and lose your government mandated freedom of attendance and movement unless you get their first booster shot? How about the next booster shot? Will you get it for health reasons or simply due to the imposition of government or employer mandates for vaccination.  How many times are you prepared to repeat this cycle, which increases the prospect of vaccine injury with each injection?

The simple recommendation for a booster shot is evidence that the first two shots are not proving as effective to protect one’s health as predicted. Understandably, one should be very cautious about proceeding for health reasons. Mandates that may have previously sounded reasonable when they did not affect you directly may not seem so reasonable if you have doubts about the impact of the shots on your own health.

An important question is about informed consent. One should plan for the best and prepare for the worst. Planning for the best involves understanding the adverse events that have been reported to date. They are many and they are significant. These include over 19,500 deaths as of early December, 2021 reported to VAERS with the majority within 2 days after being innoculated. Updating this to April, 2022 and the deaths reported are 27,350!! That’s about 8,000 more vaccine related deaths in 4 months! Furthermore, the VAERS is thought to represent less than 2% of actual vaccine injury reports within the US.  Preparing for the worst involves knowing what to do if things go wrong. Start by recognizing potential adverse events and reporting them to VAERS (US), EAFI (Canada), Vaxxtracker (independent) or CAERS. (CCCA affiliated) Here is the link for your convenience.

But how can I protect myself without the booster shot? You will be surprised at how many things you can do to get off the booster train. Search our site to learn how to minimize your chances of getting COVID. Mind you, the government may still mandate that your life must be severely restricted if you don’t comply with their orders. Whether the benefit and risk of the booster injection is worth it or not will be up to you.



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