Family Law Superior Court Judge Sets “the Precedent We’ve Been Waiting For”

Family Law Superior Court Judge Sets “the Precedent We’ve Been Waiting For”

A recent decision in Family Law Superior Court has set “the precedent we’ve been waiting for”, according to Julie Ponnesse.

The Honourable Mr. Justice A. Pazaratz has broken the trend in Canada’s judicial system of dismissing controversial COVID-19 cases on grounds that they go against the institutional narrative.

“What’s crucial about it is not just that the judge ruled in favour of the parent who wants not to vaccinate her children but the comments he makes about how we have lost the ability to think critically and ask questions in the courtroom,” Ponnesse explains.

“He also states clearly that decisions must be based on admissible evidence vs judicial notice of government statements. He is also a very well respected family law Superior Court judge and so this is the precedent we have been waiting for, in some sense, that subsequent cases can rely on!”

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance was founded on the principle of asking questions, applying critical thinking and disseminating evidence-based information untarnished by politics or undue influence. We are encouraged by Judge Pazaratz’s decision, and we celebrate this indication of a changing tide in our judicial system.

Watch Julie’s video above, and click the button below to read the case.



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